Pet dog shot near 6.5 Mile


The shooting of a pet dog in early December may not be related to the disappearance of at least three dogs here in November and an apparrent attack on two other dogs this week.

Resident Rusty Goodin said his bassett hound mutt Gus was shot through a leg by a disgruntled former co-worker.

A .30-30 bullet was found lodged in another of the dog’s legs.

The suspect has admitted shooting the dog to authorities, and also committed other acts of vandalism against Goodin as part of a personal grudge, Goodin said. The dog was found wounded beneath a cabin at 6.5 Mile Haines Highway and required more than $3,000 in medical care, he said.

Owners of the dogs that went missing last November said in recent interviews that their dogs never returned home.


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