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LCC has best interest of Haines in mind


Perhaps I can clarify for Dave Werner the role that a conservation group, like Lynn Canal Conservation, plays in a community (see last week’s CVN). Contrary to Mr. Werner’s belief, LCC does not exist to bring lawsuits and stop development. Our primary role is to offer decision makers information about the potential impacts of proposed human activities on our clean water and air and on our fish and wildlife populations. This includes conducting research, submitting comments and recommendations as part of the public review process, offering community education, and playing a watchdog role in assuring that state fish and game and other resource regulations are enforced.

I am a longtime LCC member, and despite what Mr. Werner suggests, I can recall only a few rare occasions in which an issue we were working on actually resulted in litigation. Additionally, in these cases we were generally not challenging whether the proposed development should occur, but how it would occur; for example, the Kensington mine case only addressed the manner in which the toxic tailings could most safely be disposed.

LCC efforts have helped establish the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve and helped produce a DOT weed control plan for the valley that didn’t include the use of herbicides. For years we have been working with numerous other community organizations to promote better ferry service for Haines. Currently, we are advocating for salmon-safe hydro, such as Schubee Lake, which would provide needed power, while not competing with our fisheries resources.

George Figdor