Borough should not renew heli-ski permit


Following the news of your town has made it apparent that although you live in a beautiful part of the world it is a difficult place to live. With the harsh weather and ebb and flow of seasonal work one must be creative and hard working. But it is also apparent that living where you live is a privilege that you all hold dear. I believe the heli-ski industry must feel the same way, too. What a beautiful place to work and share with their heli-ski clients. I feel that as a community you should convey to the heli-ski industry that it is indeed a privilege to share this part of the world with your town. I feel the best way to do this is by demanding that the Haines Borough not renew the commercial permit for the company Alaska Heliskiing. It is a privilege to receive this permit from the borough.  If the borough does decide to renew the permit for the company Alaska Heliskiing, then you would have to ask. What does it take to actually have your company’s commercial heli-ski permit revoked?  

Thea Schoettgen

Bear Valley, Calif.


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