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Moose, dogs entangled in traps


A young cow moose that was reported trapped in a snare set for a wolf along the upper Chilkat River Jan. 3 was destroyed and donated to the Haines Volunteer Fire Department, said state trooper Ken VanSpronsen.

VanSpronsen said the state Fish and Game biologists recommended killing the moose in the snare above Mule Meadows. “Based on their time and resources available, they wanted it dispatched rather than to take the money and time it would have taken to release it,” VanSpronsen said.

It’s not unusual for moose to get tangled in the snares, which are set about 18 inches off the ground, he said. “Moose are inquisitive and they stick their heads in where they don’t belong. It happens quite a bit,” VanSpronsen said.

Removing snares from moose typically requires tranquilizing the animals, as the cable loop cinches around the animal’s nose, becoming tighter as the moose tries to escape. “You literally have to get your hands around it.”

Moose-proof snares are available but are not required by law, VanSpronsen said.

Also, three dogs became caught in traps set off FAA and Lily Lake roads and at Porcupine in recent weeks.

Dogs may be straying off roads and packed trails in part because of a relatively light snow load, wildlife officials said this week.

The state recommends trappers set traps away from densely populated areas.