January 10, 2013 | Volume 43, No. 1

Fish art project coming to library

The Haines Borough Public Library will soon feature a large-scale art installation courtesy of the town’s more artistically-inclined teenagers.

Artist Jim Heaton will work with teens to design and paint two plywood killer whales, each about five to six feet in length. The whales will be chasing 20 salmon, each about 2.5 feet long, who in turn will be chasing about 20 hooligan, about six to eight inches long. The animals will be painted using Northwest Coast art designs.

“It’s something that ties in with our community as far as fishing and wildlife being a big part of the town, and the Northwest Coast design ties the Native part into it as well,” Heaton said.

The installation will run along the overhanging area on the right side of the library’s interior entrance hallway. Heaton said it will be a permanent display, but can be easily taken down and stored for special events featuring other decorations.

The project will begin in mid-February at the library and Heaton said it will probably require several sessions until it is complete. Heaton said the date is unclear because it will depend on the schedule of the participants. Ideally, participating teens would have some sort of artistic ability, but all are welcome, Heaton said.

Contact Jolanta Ryan at 766-3830 to reserve a spot.