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Keep pool open for swims, therapy


May everyone have a positive, happy new year in spite of the negativity in our country.

I am concerned about the negativity currently circulating in Haines as expressed in the “debate” over the condition of the swimming pool and what action to take to keep a functional pool for those who need and/or rely on this facility.

I had a knee replacement last year and it is vital that I be able to use the pool for both therapy and pleasure. I know that many persons who attend sessions in the pool have had joint replacement or other surgeries that make use of the pool a critical part of their follow-up, daily therapy. Others use the pool for life-sustaining therapy for autism or weight control.

This pool was not built with a “lifetime guarantee.” Our pool has long needed maintenance, which is one of the things that Haines does not do well. Being aware of the cost and the need for maintenance of the pool does not, in my mind, justify closing the pool until a bond can be voted in to cover the cost of a new one which would include all of the “rec center” equipment that has been discussed for years.

I ask that the pool not be closed on the premise that by closing it, a bond levy will be passed. This is short-sighted in the current economic climate in our state and country.

Dorothea Owens