Police Report


Monday, Dec. 17

A caller inquired about a meeting with a family member regarding a civil suit. Dispatch said they were unaware of any meeting and advised both parties to contact lawyers.

A protective order stemming from a Dec. 16 assault was served on a prisoner in custody.

An anonymous individual turned in a small baggie thought to contain an illegal substance.

A caller reported all the Main Street lights went out. Dispatch notified Alaska Power & Telephone and the lights came on.

Three traffic stops resulted in two verbal warnings for failure to stop at a stop sign and one for excessive speed.

Sunday, Dec. 16

A caller reported a vehicle parked on the wrong side of FAA Road. An officer responded but found no such vehicle.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection asked dispatch for assistance on a warrant check.

An individual called to report an assault at a business near 1 Mile Haines Highway. The caller reported being hit in the mouth. Officers responded and arrested the alleged assailant.

An individual reported a snowmachine speeding on Soapsuds Alley. An officer responded but was couldn’t locate the sled.

A vehicle owner called to report his vehicle had slid into a ditch on Soapsuds Alley. The owner said the vehicle was not blocking traffic and would not impede plowing. No immediate action was taken.

Saturday, Dec. 15

A Barnett Street resident reported a water pipe may have broken. Public works was advised.

Troopers were advised of a call about an unoccupied vehicle in the ditch at 13.5 Mile Haines Highway.

An employee who forgot her pass code accidentally tripped an alarm at a downtown business.

A caller reported a sand truck driving around town without warning lights. Officers were advised.

An individual reported an unknown snowmachiner had taken a three-month-old puppy near a residence in the Porcupine area. Troopers were advised.

An individual came to the station to report several CDs missing from a vehicle. The theft may be part of an ongoing investigation.

Three traffic stops resulted in verbal warnings for exceeding the posted speed.

Friday, Dec. 14

Dispatch received a 911 call that came from children who’d been given a disconnected cell phone to play with. An adult was contacted and advised that cell phones with a battery and SIM card can still dial 911.

A driver reported sliding into a ditch near 1 Mile Lutak Road. An officer responded and phoned a tow company, but was advised the towing request must be made by the vehicle owner.

Dispatch received a 911 call requesting an ambulance for a man who had been working on his dump truck at Mosquito Lake. The man fell and became stuck in a suspended, upside-down position for several hours. An ambulance responded and determined the man sustained an ankle injury and possible hypothermia. He was taken to the clinic.

A driver reported his vehicle slid into a ditch at 1 Mile Haines Highway. Officers investigated, determined there were no injuries, and left the vehicle overnight.

Thursday, Dec. 13

A caller reported a person scared them regarding on ongoing property dispute in the FAA Road area. An officer responded.

Police determined an elderly woman was out shopping after they were asked to do a welfare check. The woman hadn’t answered her door for a Care-A-Van driver.

A caller involved in a property dispute with an individual on FAA Road requested to meet with police.

A caller reported a drunk driver swerved into the wrong lane of traffic. The caller confronted the driver, who denied consuming alcohol. Police responded, conducted an investigation and arrested the driver.

Two traffic stops resulted in a verbal warning for a defective turn signal and another for a defective taillight.

Wednesday, Dec. 12

An oil theft was reported by a homeowner in the Young Road area. Police are investigating.

Two juvenile females were arrested for theft. The value of the thefts will determine whether the juveniles will face misdemeanor or felony charges. An officer from the juvenile detention center in Juneau escorted the juveniles to Juneau.

Police assisted with a suicidal person in Klukwan. The person was transported to a treatment facility in Juneau.

A caller reported an apparent drunk driver swerving on Third Avenue toward Main Street. Police made contact with the driver, who was not impaired but had been having difficulty controlling his vehicle on the ice.

A caller at a local motel on Second Avenue reported a parked vehicle blocking her exit. Police determined the vehicle had been originally parked in an appropriate space but had slid to a position blocking other cars in the lot. The owner was contacted and moved the vehicle.

Tuesday, Dec. 11

Police seized property believed to have been stolen out of parked vehicles in the area of Fourth Avenue and Dalton Street. Police have been unable to identify the owners of certain items, including a digital camera, computer speed performance enhancer, several knives and cigarette lighter chargers.

An officer found a dog in a vehicle left overnight in the bank parking lot. Haines Animal Rescue Kennel was advised.

A caller reported a horse loose on the Haines Highway. The owners could not be reached, so officers responded and located the horse. Owners were notified the next morning.

A caller reported being threatened by an individual with a rifle at a residence near Chilkat Lake. Police assisted troopers, who responded and contacted the caller.

An individual came to the station to report harassing phone calls.

A caller requested extra patrols in the Deishu Drive area after finding footprints leading away from a woodpile.

An officer assisted in removing a sleeping patron from a downtown business.

Dispatch received nine medical calls and four canine calls.


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