Police report


Monday, Dec. 10

A parent called to report a juvenile living at Dusty Trails apartments had run away. Police found the youth, who was returned home.

A person came to the station to report Young Road was very slick. Borough road crews were notified.

Police assisted state troopers with a two-vehicle accident at 7 Mile Haines Highway. Owners of the vehicles drove to the station and reported the accident. Damage was minimal and there were no injuries.

State road crews asked for help locating the owner of a vehicle impeding traffic on Second Ave. The out-of-town owner moved the vehicle.

A caller requested a welfare check on her daughter who was driving to Klukwan in bad road conditions. She called back later, saying her daughter contacted her.

An out-of-state caller seeking help contacting a relative at Mosquito Lake was referred to troopers.

A traffic stop resulted in verbal warnings for exceeding the posted speed and driving too fast for conditions.

Sunday, Dec. 9

A caller reported a woman harassing him at Deishu Drive. He reported the woman was yelling and cursing at him, while the woman disputed his account. An officer advised the two to avoid one another.

An officer informed dispatch the stop sign at the intersection of Mud Bay Road and Small Tracts Road was bent down. State road crews were notified.

Police referred to troopers a statement from the owner of a vacation cabin on Mud Bay Road who said someone had broken into the cabin and stolen food items.

A caller reported an assault on FAA Road. An officer contacted the alleged victim who said an individual had slapped her hands and knocked her cell phone down during an argument over a snow blower. The two were advised to avoid one another.

Two individuals called from their downtown residence to report a civil matter. Both claimed the other had property belonging to them and wanted the matter documented. An officer recorded the information.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for failing to stop at a stop sign.

Saturday, Dec. 8

A three-vehicle accident was reported on Main Street and Third Avenue. One vehicle slid through a stop sign and struck another vehicle, which spun into a third vehicle. One was towed from the scene. No injuries were reported.

A caller reported a vehicle in a ditch on Small Tracts Road. The driver sustained no injuries. An officer responded and the vehicle was removed from the ditch.

Police issued verbal warnings for not providing proof of insurance or a valid driver’s license, exceeding the posted speed, and failure to stop at a stop sign.

Friday, Dec. 7

A caller requested ministerial association assistance to stay in a motel due to toxic odors in her home. The caller had used an over-the-counter cleaner to address plumbing issues and reported the fumes were causing shortness of breath.

A downtown business owner reported a vehicle parked on Main Street in violation of the one-hour parking restriction. Officers contacted the owner, who moved the vehicle.

A caller reported ongoing thefts from the wood supply at her residence at Deishu Drive. Officers advised the woman install a motion-activated alarm or light.

A caller reported icy conditions at the intersection of Second Avenue and Haines Highway. State road crews were notified.

An out-of-state relative called to report hearing an argument between her son and his wife over the phone. She requested a welfare check, but was unable to say where her son lived.

Traffic stops brought warnings for expired registration, driving only with running lights, and a defective taillight.

Thursday, Dec. 6

A caller sought help getting into her Allen Road residence at 2:30 a.m. She had lost her keys and had been trying to enter the house for about three hours. Officers responded and as there was no access to the home, arranged for the ministerial association to provide lodging.

A caller dialed the Haines 911 number for an emergency in Jefferson County, Colo. Dispatch supplied the caller with the Jefferson County number.

Police assisted in a civil matter between a landlord and tenant downtown. Police supervised while the tenant removed belongings from the landlord’s business to ensure a confrontation did not occur.

A caller reported a skid steer Bobcat forklift had slid off the road at 1 Mile Mud Bay Road. The owner moved the forklift the next day.

Four traffic stops resulted in verbal warnings for a taillight violation, failure to stop at a stop sign, and failure to use a turn signal.

Wednesday, Dec. 5

A caller reported someone cutting trees on a Beach Road property. Police investigated and found no evidence of anyone cutting trees.

A caller reported people peeking into the windows of her residence on Beach Road. Officers responded several times, as the woman continued to call and report people looking into her windows. Police determined the woman was experiencing hallucinations and contacted Lynn Canal Counseling. A counselor responded and developed a safety plan for the woman, which included staying overnight at a local motel. The woman was fine the next day.

A chimney fire occurred on Barnett Road. Police and firemen responded, extinguished the fire, and assured the site was safe.

Tuesday, Dec. 4

An itinerant worker reported she was made to feel uncomfortable by a worker at a local lodging. She reported the male staff member was “creepy” and “overly friendly” when she stayed there recently. She wanted to know if police had received similar reports from others. They had not.

There were 12 medical calls and no calls about dogs.


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