Rather heliport than rules


We are property owners in the Eagle Vista subdivision. We just returned from a wonderful trip north for a family Thanksgiving. While we were gone the Nov. 15 Chilkat Valley News article, “Neighbors critical of rezone plan,” came out. My neighbors are livid and so am I, but for different reasons.

The article reads, “Of the 60 surveys sent out, 43 were returned. Nineteen property owners expressed a desire to rezone, 22 wished to remain designated general use, and two requested more information.” 

We are one of the households that requested more information. I wish to make a few points here: 1) This was a survey, not a referendum to be voted upon. 2) We have yet to receive any information from the planning commission. 3) How can Mr. Goldberg state “there were no ‘no’ votes in that area” when we haven’t been given the information we need to make an informed decision? How can he unilaterally interpret the 17 surveys that were not returned as “yes” votes? 4) Isn’t 22 vs. 19 a majority?

Now that it appears that the borough had no intention to send “more information,” I respectfully insist that my response to the survey be changed to an emphatic “no” to rezoning. Make that 23 vs. 19, an even larger majority.

Here’s our view: We’d rather have a heli-port nearby than to have the borough restructure our neighborhood with new rules and regulations. Just drop the whole thing and leave us alone.

Stan and Ady Milos



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