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Police report


Monday, Nov. 26

The police department received a civil packet to be served on a man currently living outside of Haines. Police contacted a relative of the man who relayed the message. The man was told to call the court.

Sunday, Nov. 25

A person called 911 to report a woman would not allow the person to leave a Deishu Drive residence. Officers responded and the individuals went their separate ways.

     A woman reported losing her checkbook.

  A woman requested extra patrols near her residence in the Allen Road area. An acquaintance had asked when she was not going to be home, which made her suspicious. Patrols were conducted but no suspicious activity was observed.

Saturday, Nov. 24

    Police received a 911 hang-up. When dispatch called back, the individual reported the party who dialed 911 had left. An officer responded and determined the call to be accidental.

   A box of household items was found near .5 Mile Small Tracts Road. Messages were left on the community website and KHNS.

A woman requested assistance accessing her storage unit which she accidentally locked herself out of. She was informed she would have to wait until the office opened on Monday for assistance.

An anonymous caller reported a vehicle accident near the intersection of Third Avenue and Main Street. A parked vehicle had popped out of gear and rolled through the intersection, coming to rest near a picnic table. No damages or injuries were reported, and no citation was issued.

     Verbal warnings were issued for no headlights and failure to stop at a stop sign.

Friday, Nov. 23

    A downtown business owner requested assistance contacting the owner of a vehicle that had been parked in the business parking lot for four days. The owner moved the vehicle upon police contact.

An anonymous caller requested a welfare check on a woman in Klukwan. The caller reported the woman had not answered her phone for several days. The request was referred to troopers.

       A Klukwan resident reported a violation of a protective order. Troopers requested assistance from police in determining the conditions of the protective order and police faxed them a copy.

   A woman in the Young Road area reported hearing trespassers on her property. Police patrolled the area and found everything to be fine.

Thursday, Nov. 22

  A woman requested extra patrols in the Young Road area. Officers found nothing out of the ordinary.

     A verbal warning was issued for expired registration and no taillights.

Wednesday, Nov. 21

   Southeast Alaska State Fair personnel reported an abandoned vehicle at the fairgrounds. Police had already been investigating the vehicle and have told the owner to remove it or face citation.

   A caller reported a power outage at a Fourth Avenue residence. Police notified Alaska Power & Telephone officials, who were aware of the outage.

   A woman requested extra patrols due to possible trespassers on her property in the Young Road area. Officers found nothing suspicious.

     A man requested a welfare check on a female distraught over the recent jailing of a family member. Lynn Canal Counseling was notified.

       Police issued a verbal warning for a defective headlight.

Tuesday, Nov. 20

    A caller reported stumps in the state right-of-way on Second Avenue and was concerned about their impact on snow removal. Police referred the issue to state transportation crews.

   The building owner of a Fort Seward business reported a man drove his vehicle into the side of the structure. The vehicle had slid on the ice, hit the building, and cracked a wall of the structure. Police investigated and initiated a case. The driver was not cited.

   A caller reported he had given a relative a credit card for a specific use and the relative had not returned it. The caller resolved the issue the following day without police assistance.

   Juneau dispatch called to report an individual requested a welfare check on a man living in Klukwan. The man was supposed to be traveling to Juneau but had not arrived. Police referred the case to troopers.

Dispatch received nine medical calls.