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Borough OKs $700K for roads at 25 Mile


The Haines Borough Assembly recently approved a $700,000 contract with Southeast Roadbuilders for road improvements in the Chilkat Lake area. The local firm was the sole bidder on the project.

The repair and upgrades project started Oct. 8 and will resume next spring. PND Engineers, Inc. designed the project and is providing onsite construction services.

The project includes repairing a major slump area on Chilkat Lake Road between Porcupine Road and Eagle Bluff Drive, said manager Mark Earnest. It involved excavating up to four feet of material from the damaged area and replacing it with crushed and compacted fill.

Work will include reconditioning ditches along the slump area.

  Also on Chilkat Lake Road, all potholes will be excavated, filled and compacted. Culverts will be added to prevent road saturation and ice build-up during winter.

  Other locations along Chilkat Lake Road will also be excavated and rebuilt with better material due to road deterioration.

  Work on Eagle Bluff Drive and Corrina Avenue will include widening the existing road to 22 feet.

The work will improve the overall usability of the road to ensure safer driving conditions, more efficient snow removal, and improved access for emergency service vehicles. 

Other work in the subdivision will include ditch relocation, ditch reconditioning, addition of needed culvert, and re-grading of some driveway entrances to match the new road width and slope.

  Riverview Drive off of Mosquito Lake Road will also see repairs including new ditches, relocation and reconditioning of existing ditches, addition of culverts, pothole repair, and resurfacing and grading along the entire length.

Assembly member Debra Schnabel asked at the Oct. 23 assembly meeting why Southeast Roadbuilders was the only bidder. Said manager Mark Earnest: “We were surprised. We certainly expected more. This was a job any number of contractors could have done. They chose not to. I’m not sure what that rationale was.”

Earnest said he was pleased with the bid, which was below an engineer’s estimate and below budget. “From that standpoint, the end result I’m very happy with.”