November 15, 2012 | Volume 42, No. 46

KHNS staffer clarifies statements

I would like to first thank Chilkat Valley News for covering our KHNS annual meeting on Nov. 2 and welcome reporter Karen Garcia to town. I wanted to address a few things covered in the article. The KHNS financials list our membership and donations at around $90,000. We received about $62,000 in our last membership drive and are very grateful for every penny and to all of our members and donors for supporting community radio. The rest of these monies are a combination of large donations from organizations including the municipality of Skagway and Chilkat Valley Community Foundation.

I, Leslie Ross, development director, (quoted as Amelia Nash in the article), discussed at the meeting our plan for not several, but our first, one-day drive – this November 29. This is an attempt to redesign our fundraising efforts, lessen listener fatigue, and let us focus on special project fundraising. The community has been a great support and we hope to maintain that support as we make these changes. Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s annual meeting and our first annual membership dinner. It was a wonderful success. Thank you to Adam Richard and the Skagway Brew Co. for creating the incredible chowder and chili, Norm Hughes for the halibut, Haines Brewing Co. for the beverages and all our volunteers for their help.

Leslie Ross, KHNS