Scuttle the proposed vehicle tax


We are now expected to pay for abandoned vehicles belonging to others? Norm Smith has it correct. It is another tax increase. Thanks, Norm, for being opposed.

 The borough proposes to pay for a tow truck, on-hook insurance, car crusher, impound lot, pit for hazmat drainage, separator pit, disposal of hazardous materials, storing hazardous materials annually until July, compliance monitoring for storage, secondary containment walls, solid fence costs, disposal of scrap produced and market values, disposal cost of non-metals and tires, manpower hours for such operations, additional transport cost to the barge.

 This sounds like a business venture for which the borough is unprepared and unenlightened. Governments do not make good business decisions, since they understand nothing about how to generate revenue without using the public as a backstop and impose even higher taxes to cover their unguided decisions.

This would be best left to private enterprises with an expertise. Ask the borough for a complete plan and overview, as if they were going to the bank to start a business. Let them show how projections will sustain the endeavor. Forty-thousand dollars annually won’t touch it.

Scuttle this ship before it leaves the dock.

Bob Lowden


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