October 25, 2012 | Volume 42, No. 43

Police report

Monday, Oct. 22

The bald eagle foundation was advised after a raven with a broken wing was reported at the harbor’s fuel dock.

A caller reported he suspected his car tire was slashed after a box-cutter blade was found inside it. The car had been parked overnight at Second Avenue and Mission Street.

A business at Second Avenue and Main Street requested a police walk-through after a man banged on the door prior to opening.

An abandoned vehicle was reported at Third Avenue and Union Street.

Sunday, Oct. 21

A man reported a bike trailer had been stolen from near Mile “0” Old Haines Highway.

Police investigated a man who may have been in need of protective custody. A relative spoke with doctors who decided the man was capable of caring for himself.

A caller reported the theft of items from a downtown bar. Police are investigating.

A bicyclist reported a man yelled at her, making her nervous. After police responded, the man packed his belongings and moved on.

Saturday, Oct. 20

A caller reported the theft of a 29-inch, single-speed bike at a Second Avenue bar at 2:30 a.m.

The rescue kennel was advised when a Comstock Road caller reported a turkey in his yard.

The kennel was advised after a caller reported a white pit bull near the post office.

A vehicle was reported parked in the middle of Main Street at 1:45 p.m., causing a traffic hazard.

Traffic stops included ones for speeding, expired registration, and a taillight violation.

Friday, Oct. 19

Police responded to a call from the U.S. and Canada border stations to help with a man who seemed confused. The man was escorted to the ferry terminal.

A caller reported hearing a man threaten another man at Chilkat Lake. The men were arguing over whether one of them had rights to a third party’s firewood.

A traffic stop brought a warning for defective brake lights.

Thursday, Oct. 18

Police made contact with a visitor at the ferry terminal who was trying to understand the ferry schedule.

A man complained that his credit card had been misplaced at a downtown business.

A traffic stop was made for defective brake lights.

Wednesday, Oct. 17

A caller reported that a man had been drinking and driving near 1 Mile Haines Highway.

A caller requested information on whether or not a man was in jail, as the caller had not heard from him in a while.

Tuesday, Oct. 16

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for expired plates.

There were 17 medical calls and two calls about dogs.