October 25, 2012 | Volume 42, No. 43

Assembly deserves thanks for meals

On behalf of the staff of Southeast Senior Services (SESS) and the people we serve, I would like to thank the Haines Borough Assembly members for approving a $15,000 grant to provide a fourth day of meal service at the Haines Senior Center. I would especially like to thank Mayor Stephanie Scott for her support.

SESS operates the senior nutrition and transportation program out of the Haines Senior Center facility. Last year, our staff at the Haines Senior Center provided 6,307 meals to seniors four days a week. Of these, 1,975 were delivered to homebound seniors. A total of 166 individual seniors enjoyed hot, nutritious, delicious lunches. Due to a reduction in a state grant, the Haines senior meal service was going to be cut back to three days a week.

Mayor Scott took the initiative to propose an amendment to the Haines budget so that the fourth day of meal service would be restored. Fortunately, the Haines Borough, which had already committed to $6,600 in funding, agreed to provide additional funding to restore the fourth day of meal service through this program year. The additional day of service began in September, much to the delight and appreciation of seniors and staff.

All seniors ages 60 and over are encouraged to call the Haines Senior Center at 766-2383 for more information on meals, rides, and senior center activities. These services help seniors remain healthy and independent for as long as possible.

Marsha Partlow

Regional Coordinator, Southeast Senior Services