October 18, 2012 | Volume 42, No. 42

Dr. Feldman's advice was critical

All too frequently we read about someone who has passed on from an accident, old age, or just by being in the wrong place. How about those whose lives have been saved by a stroke of luck, great advice or whatever?

Last August I was aware that my digestive tract wasn’t working like it should. So after a few days of pain I relented to go see a doctor in Haines. I had never needed a doctor in Haines; but, it was obvious that I should at least inquire. After two visits and two rounds of medications, my problem did not get better. On my third visit, the doctor was able to feel a mass in my intestine, and suspected an abscess. He said it would be best if I left immediately for home. I left that day and on arriving home I checked into the emergency room of my local hospital. After blood work, CT scan, and many other tests within two hours, the doctor came in and announced that they found the mass and abscess in the exact location and to the degree of severity that Dr. Len Feldman in Haines had found without X-rays, without CT scans, and without surgery. They also told me that I better thank my Haines doctor for saving my life by insisting that I leave Haines as soon as possible.

After 16 days in the hospital, one surgery, and one to go, I am on the mend. All thanks to Dr. Feldman.

Jim Hebert

Fort Myers, Fla.