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Beach bonfire not vendetta


I believe Mrs. Andersen’s claims of being “vandalized six times” and littering and rude behavior are really just make-believe. And nobody was having a vendetta gathering the other night. Two of the people there, who actually made sure they cleared a spot for a fire not on the Andersen property, are your neighbors and it turned out to be very mellow: all adults 50 years old and older, just talking and enjoying the fire. Had we wanted a vendetta fire to “stir the pot” we would have lit a bonfire on the beach in front of your house, entering on the land that borders your house because, Mrs. Andersen, the fact is we do not need your permission to use that beach! No matter how you present it and who you blame, we are all really a very mellow group of people and it was you who starting taking boats and “laying down the rules,” catching everybody by surprise. Please stop throwing around the name “Bear,” as the only problem I ever had with your husband is the way he talked to and scared my daughter. As for calling the troopers, they are obviously tired of your phone calls and you are starting to make them look bad as well, telling a bunch of grandpas standing around a campfire to “go home or go to jail” only to try to save face when he shined his flashlight on your property marker and realized we were not on your property.

Dean Lari