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Police report


Monday, Oct. 15

A caller reported receiving a harassing phone call from out of state. Police investigated. The caller later reported the issue was resolved.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for failing to use headlights.

Sunday, Oct. 14

A caller in the area of Young Road reported someone opened her car door and unplugged her vehicle from the cold-weather plug.

U.S. Customs reported a Fairbanks resident drove through the Canada border without stopping.

Saturday, Oct. 13

An officer found graffiti in the area of the pullout at 4 Mile Haines Highway.

A caller requested a welfare check on an intoxicated person downtown. Officers had made contact with the person who had consumed alcohol but was not intoxicated.

A petitioner in a protective order reported the subject of the order was in violation of it by consuming alcohol in the presence of their child. An investigation is ongoing.

A welfare request was conducted after a parent who was subject of a child welfare investigation was reported intoxicated.

A traffic stop resulted in verbal warnings for failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to use signals.

Friday, Oct. 12

Troopers were notified of a call from the boat harbor about an intermittent red, white and blue flashing light about a quarter mile up Santa Claus Mountain.

A man was arrested for felony assault after brandishing a handgun and threatening to shoot another man whose dog got into a fight with his dog. The man also threatened to shoot the other man’s dog. The incident occurred about 2 p.m. near Second Avenue and Main Street.

A caller reported seeing a man with a rifle over his shoulder walking along Haines Highway near Second Avenue.

A Fourth Avenue resident reported construction trucks driving too fast near View Street and requested extra patrols.

A caller reported an elderly man driving in a reckless and confused manner on Haines Highway near 40 Mile. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

A borough employee reported someone had been sleeping on a bench behind the library and had left behind several empty bottles and food. Police were unable to locate the person.

A caller reported concerns about the subject of a restraining order possibly violating conditions by being intoxicated.

A caller reported his vehicle had allegedly been hit and that the accident had been seen by three others. Police responded but both parties refused to fill out forms for police. Damage to the car appeared to be minimal.

Traffic stops resulted in a warning for not coming to a complete stop.

Thursday, Oct. 11

Police referred to troopers a case involving a vehicle that went into the ditch at 13 Mile Haines Highway. Police and an ambulance responded to the scene, but the woman driving the vehicle had gotten a ride and later took herself to the clinic.

Wednesday, Oct. 10

A caller reported a violation of a court order in a domestic matter.

An 18-year-old at Haines School reported being bullied by other students there on an ongoing basis. Police determined there hadn’t been direct threats or aggressive behavior. The school was taking steps to make the student more comfortable, police said.

A caller dialed 911 requesting the address of a local business. Told he’d dialed 911 and not information, he said he’d been given the wrong number.

A case was initiated for minor in possession after marijuana was discovered at Haines School.

A caller reported an advertisement on a community website sought information about a student missing from California.

Police responded to a report of fireworks being lit on Moose Lane. Police responded and told people it’s illegal to ignite fireworks in the townsite.

A traffic stop resulted in a citation for failing to provide proof of insurance.

Tuesday, Oct. 9

A caller reported smoke coming from the direction of Taiyasanka Harbor. Fire personnel responded and determined it was steam.

A caller reported an offensive sign posted at the end of Comstock Road. The owner removed the sign at police request.

A caller reported a person burning toxic waste at Deishu Drive. Firemen responded and found nothing amiss.

A protective order was served.

A caller at 1.5 Mile Mud Bay Road reported dogs barking and thought a bear was in the area. Police could not find a bear.

There were 17 medical calls and four about dogs.