October 4, 2012 | Volume 43, No. 40

Police report

Monday, Oct. 1

A caller reported skateboarders on Lutak Road hill.

A vehicle was reported abandoned on North Sawmill Road. The owner was advised to move it off the road.

The harbormaster requested help finding a boat owner in advance of ramp removal at Letnikof Cove.

Sunday, Sept. 30

A horse was reported loose at 2 Mile Haines Highway. Police determined it was in a safe area.

A business owner reported a vehicle parked in a crosswalk on Main Street. Police found that as crosswalk lines are not yet in place, there was no violation.

A possible drunk driver was reported near Young Road.

A man was reported passed out in the post office lobby. Police provided transport for the man.

A vehicle was reported on Main Street driving without headlights after dark.

Police helped a motorist who became stuck on the tank farm beach at Lutak while gathering seaweed.

Saturday, Sept. 29

A shouting match at the harbor resulted in one person receiving a protective order.

A Young Road resident reported a bear broke into a livestock shed and killed rabbits on his property. He was able to chase it off when it returned.

Friday, Sept. 28

A Juneau man who had been drinking at a downtown bar reported being robbed. Police said the man woke up in his motel room missing a fairly large amount of money but couldn’t remember how he had returned to the motel.

The clinic reported a phone line not working.

A Chilkoot Estates resident reported a construction driver speeding and using “jake brakes.” Workers were advised to slow down and stop using the brakes.

A caller reported a possible drunk driver near the intersection of Main Street and Old Haines Highway.

A car was reported parked the wrong way on Front Street. Police were unable to locate it.

A theft was reported by a person who said they left a wallet amid merchandise at a liquor store and when they returned, they found money missing from the wallet.

A caller reported a potential drunk driver loitering near Port Chilkoot beach.

Thursday, Sept. 27

A trespasser was reported at a Fourth Avenue property.

A caller reported someone at a Small Tracts Road residence had been accidentally shot in the leg. Police and an ambulance were dispatched.

A caller reported a possible drunk driver near 26 Mile. Police were unable to locate the driver.

Wednesday, Sept. 26

An unauthorized burn was reported on Deishu Drive.

A person reported receiving a phone call in which they were asked personal information.

A caller reported three yearling bear cubs along the Chilkoot River.

Tuesday, Sept. 25

A caller reported a bear made contact with the rear side of his truck as he was turning on to Deishu Drive at 11:30 p.m.

A caller reported that a wallet left at the home of an acquaintance was stolen.

A caller reported a civil dispute involving a family at the school; an officer responded to the school.

A caller complained that a recently relocated stop sign on East Fair Drive was a safety hazard. Borough officials confirmed the sign’s relocation was intentional.

A caller complained about noise from harbor drilling.

A caller reported a bear twice got nto household trash on Mathias Avenue; the caller later reported the second visit was by a dog, not a bear.

There were 20 medical calls.