October 4, 2012 | Volume 43, No. 40

Sponsors boosted disc golf event

The Southeast Alaska State Fair and Takshanuk Watershed Council thank the sponsors of the 2nd annual Raven’s Bowl Disc Golf Tournament for a successful weekend of events: Chilkat Guides, Mike’s Bikes and Boards, Lost Coast Shop, Alaska Backcountry Outfitter, Haines Brewing Company, Shtumpa, and Dalton City Yarn. Thanks to Jeremy Reid and Daniel Johnson for tournament support. Saturday Night Fight Night at the Fair was a hoot, thanks to refereeing by Joe Parnell, a championship belt made by Eric Forster, volunteerism by the fair board, and support of Gnat King Kong’s performance by Dennis Durr, Jim Lampkins, Vaughn Avery, and Kay Clements. Thanks to all who participated in the inflatable gladiator jousting tournament. It was an evening characterized by friendly competition, good sportsmanship, and a healthy dose of hilarity for children and adults alike.

Ross Silkman, Southeast Alaska State Fair

Brad Ryan, Takshanuk Watershed Council