October 4, 2012 | Volume 43, No. 40

Kreiss-Tomkins talented, hard-working

We have the opportunity this fall to elect one of the most energetic, idealistic, talented and hard-working individuals I have met in a very long time. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins will work as hard once elected as he has during this campaign, which is very hard indeed. He understands that our schools, ferry system and infrastructure need money far more than the oil industry does; and that spending on those needs ensures that the revenue from our oil stays in the state. Tax breaks for the oil industry almost surely mean that money will leave the state.

Kreiss-Tomkins has visited every community in our sprawling district, and will do so again regularly, once elected. He aims to listen to the voices of every single one of us. He’ll be back in Haines early this month; there’ll be a debate on Oct. 8 at the school.  I urge you to seek him out and get to know him. And to vote for him to be our representative in the state House.

Deborah Vogt