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Disclosure laws do more harm than good


I must disagree with Tom Morphet’s editorial where he says serving in borough government is a privilege. I believe we should thank them.

People choose to serve because they believe in something enough to be willing to put the time in to serve. I often don’t agree with them but neither do I always agree with my wife, but I appreciate my wife and am better off because of her. Can you imagine if nobody served on the assembly or various boards?

If you have followed financial disclosure, one can only come up with the fact that it is used as a club so often, that I would make the case that it does more harm and costs more money than any benefit that could come from it. Pete Lapham was run out of office because of it. I knew Pete and he served because many of us asked him to, because he knew without a doubt however he voted he was voting what he believed was right for Haines, even when he voted opposite of what I would have.

Even on the state level I don’t think votes were sold because their votes would have had to be different from their political philosophy and I never saw that.

One thing I have learned is that if someone doesn’t trust you, don’t trust them, because they are judging you by their morals. Think on that because it might give you reason to rethink whether you support financial disclosure at all.

Leonard Dubber