Police report


Monday, Sept. 24

A person reported being assaulted outside a bar; an officer responded but was unable to make contact with either party.

A caller reported an unoccupied U-Haul blocking the road near the harbor. It was moved before police arrived.

Traffic stops resulted in two citations for failure to provide proof of insurance, one citation for failure to provide registration and a warning for not stopping at a stop sign.

Sunday, Sept. 23

A case was initiated for a theft that had occurred months earlier when sheep horns were taken from a pickup truck at 25 Mile. It was referred to troopers.

Traffic stops resulted in warnings for illegal U-turns and failure to stop at a stop sign.

Saturday, Sept. 22

A caller reported a man urinating on Mud Bay Road near Cemetery Hill. Police were unable to find the man.

A Mud Bay Road resident reported trespassers parking vehicles and conducting a party at 7 Mile. Troopers dispersed the crowd.

Friday, Sept. 21

An intoxicated caller requested police provide transportation to a home at Letnikof Cove. Police were unable to assist.

A bull moose was reported ramming a fence at the tank farm, coming out in traffic and causing vehicle traffic to back up. When police arrived, the moose had left.

A caller reported a chemical smell for several hours on North Sawmill Road. Fire personnel determined the smell was from a nearby controlled burn.

Dispatch assisted Canada border officers, in identifying the owner of a vehicle abandoned at Destruction Bay.

A caller reported receiving a suspicious e-mail from a friend in another country.

A caller who was housesitting on Young Road reported a trespasser. The trespasser had left by the time police arrived.

Police investigated lights on at a local business. It was determined they were left on accidentally.

There were four traffic stops resulting in two warnings, one for speed and one for a missing headlight.

Thursday, Sept. 20

A welfare check on a drunken person determined they were fine.

A juvenile who had been reported missing was found within minutes and was fine.

Gunshots were reported at Piedad Road. Police said the shots likely had echoed across from the Chilkat River.

Police assisted with a welfare check on a resident after a call from family out of town.

Traffic stops resulted in three warnings, two for headlights out and one for using an off-road vehicle on a public road.

Wednesday, Sept. 19

A caller at 7 Mile Mud Bay Road reported an ongoing trespassing problem.

A caller reported an injured bear in the road at Chilkoot Lake. The wildlife trooper determined the bear was sleeping.

A large brush fire was reported on Major Road. The responsible party was advised that no large brush fires were to be burned on cruise ship days.

Police assisted another agency regarding an issue with a minor.

Police were asked to help a parent having trouble with a child’s behavior.

Hitchhikers sought transport to their lodging out Lutak Road. Police were unable to assist.

A resident reported an apparently unattended fire. The responsible party contacted police, who determined the fire was under control and being watched.

Tuesday, Sept. 18

A caller complained her vehicle was hit by an unknown substance while driving near the museum. Police determined it may have been an apple.

An officer secured a residence.

A caller complained about a vehicle being driven with expired registration.

A business owner complained about a car parked several days in the business’ lot at Second Avenue and Willard Street. Police investigated and the car was moved.

There were 17 medical calls and three calls about dogs.


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