September 27, 2012 | Volume 42, No. 39

'Coho Days' set for Oct. 5-7

Local business owners and the Haines Chamber of Commerce are sponsoring events designed to entice Canadian fisherman to spend their Thanksgiving weekend in Haines.

“Coho Days,” set for Oct. 5-7, will include a party Saturday night with fish hors d’oeuvres and prizes for costumes made with duct tape or denim. Jamie Knudsen at the Chamber said the weekend is part of an effort to reach out to Canadians. “We are inviting our Canadian neighbors back to town. It’s a mingling, social event to get to know each other better and appreciate each other.”

Downtown business owner Kristine Harder, a member of the Haines Downtown Revitalization Committee, approached the Chamber for its support. “Canadians are such a big part of the downtown Haines economy at this time of year and the downtown businesses really appreciate them,” said Harder.

The weekend coincides with the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, as well as Lynn Canal Community Players’ production of “Oklahoma!”

“It’s good timing because there are fun things to do in Haines all weekend,” said Harder. Downtown businesses may offer weekend specials as well, she said.

Harder also is looking for ways to raise money to support downtown beautification efforts. She wants Haines to upgrade the “rather tired looking” electric candle decorations that are mounted on downtown telephone poles in the winter with a new look.

She is researching oversized snowflakes, and hopes next weekend’s party will kickoff fund-raising efforts. She’s hoping businesses will sponsor individual snowflakes. She is calling the effort “Downtown Businesses Light up Main Street.”

The Coho Days party begins at 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 6 at the Harbor Bar. The charge is $10. Partygoers will be get name tags at the door. Harder is organizing prizes for people who come dressed in denim, or with duct tape costumes. “There will be surprise contests that might make some men blush.” Harder is accepting donations of salmon for hors d’oeuvres.