Thomas has seniority and clout


We offer this letter of support for state Rep. Bill Thomas, our effective state representative. Bill has served the communities he represents very well and equitably. He has the seniority and clout that comes with the experience of getting things done. His many years fishing give him an understanding of fisheries issues. As chairman of the House Finance Committee, he understands statewide financial issues, including where the money comes from and how it’s allocated. He sponsored a bill providing funding for renewable energy projects and studies to help all Alaska communities. He also sponsored legislation to prohibit texting and driving and a bill providing the ability to “pick, click and give” to charitable institutions. In this time of shrinking representation for Southeast Alaska in the legislature (loss of one senator and representative this year), every Southeast legislator becomes a regional representative for all of Southeast. We need to maintain all the seniority, experience and influence available.

In discussion with Bill, he does not approve of the present, proposed oil reduction tax. He did vote once to consider Gov. Parnell’s proposal but found the industry presentation to the legislature and the stock market were not in agreement. The proposal then never cleared the House or Senate in a special session. As chairman of the House Finance Committee, Bill realizes the absolute necessity of the oil revenue for the operation of the state budget and local community funding from the state. Re-elect Rep. Bill Thomas to continue effective representation for Southeast Alaska!

Stan Jones and Kathy-Pardee Jones


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