September 27, 2012 | Volume 42, No. 39

Native groups are losing their way

Since the 1990s, our people have seemed to forget who we are. Proud Tlingits, but today that isn’t so. Who are we?

Much has gone on, but not for the good or for our people. What’s happened?

We’ve lost Raven House, ANB and ANS, IRA and our culture camp, and why? Due to certain persons involved is why. But why?

Our ANS and ANB and IRA were created for us, but not today. ANB and ANS have become non-Native, and our IRA is one big, happy family and could care less about our people and culture.

None of our people are acknowledged for their art, but the non-Natives are who are using our art for their benefit. Shameful.

What has happened to respect? Our people?

Phillip Jackson