Police report


Monday, Sept. 17

A caller reported a domestic dispute under way on Second Avenue; an officer broke it up and the fighting parties agreed to separate.

A bar employee reported that a person who had been thrown out of the bar was threatening them through the window. The suspect had left when police arrived.

A caller reported a person attempting to enter the bank at 11:45 p.m. An officer responded and took the person, who was drunk, to his hotel.

A caller complained about a driver with high beams on.

Juneau Flight Service called seeking information on a flight due in Haines. Dispatch confirmed the flight landed.

A citizen required assistance identifying the owners of vehicles parked at their Piedad Road business.

Sunday, Sept. 16

A black bear was reported on Deishu Drive. Police were unable to locate the bear after the first sighting.

A business requested assistance locating an owner of a vehicle parked long-term in their Main Street lot.

A caller reported that someone had tampered with his vehicle while it was parked in a lot at Third Avenue and Main Street.

The driver of a single-occupant vehicle that ran off the road at 16 Mile Haines Highway came to police to report. There were no injuries. The vehicle was off the road and needed to be towed.

Saturday, Sept. 15

A bear was reported getting into a freezer at Chilkoot Estates. Police chased off the bear using a siren.

Police investigated after a resident on Vermiere Street, off Comstock Road, reported fireworks hitting their home.

A caller reported suspicious activity by a male who was checking out construction materials left near the Haines School. Police investigated but were unable to locate the man.

An assault was reported as having occurred at a downtown tavern. Police investigated and forwarded a report to the district attorney for possible prosecution.

Police started an investigation in the reported theft of a purse from the airport terminal.

A caller reported harassment in relation to an assault at a tavern. Police contacted a person and asked them to stop making phone calls.

Friday, Sept. 14

A caller reported phone service out from 25 Mile to the Canada border. Department of Transportation workers had accidentally severed a line. Phone service was resumed within a few hours.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for speeding.

Thursday, Sept. 13

Police assisted troopers by delivering a protective order outside the townsite.

A caller reported high water and debris at 19 Mile Haines Highway. State road crews responded and placed cones in the area. They advised that the road was passable.

Wednesday, Sept. 12

A caller within the townsite reported a trespasser in their apartment. An officer who responded stated there was no trespasser and that the caller was suffering side effects from a medication.

Police responded to a call about an unattended death on Comstock Road.

Police investigated after a caller reported having difficulty with a family member.

A caller reported a pickup truck with a trailer full of wood was creating a hazard at 1.5 Mile Small Tracts Road. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

Tuesday, Sept. 11

A caller complained of a woman acting suspiciously at the post office. Police responded but were unable to find the woman.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

There were 20 medical calls and five calls about dogs.


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