September 20, 2012 | Volume 42, No. 38

Upcoming concert to be recorded live

Tracy Spring will be playing a concert at the Chilkat Center on Friday evening, Sept. 28.  I’d like to invite you all to come to this special event.

An award-winning songwriter, Tracy has composed some of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. She has an amazing vocal range and plays excellent finger-style and slide guitar.

Tracy will be recording a live CD at this concert. The energy from the audience is important to a live recording, so it would be great to have a full house. Tracy can help us promote the Chilkat Center as a great place for artists to come and make live recordings.

I have been working all summer building a new, experimental guitar that Tracy will perform with for the first time at this concert.

Tracy has a long connection to Haines. She spent summers here with her family as a child. Let’s give her a warm homecoming.

Rob Goldberg