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Can't put 23-year-old in state House


All the promises and letters can not convince me to vote for a 23-year-old. I compare putting Kreiss-Tomkins in the state House to asking my nine-year-old grandchild to drive me in an 18-wheeler to Anchorage: A dangerous choice. Bill Thomas has proved he works for Alaskans, he has life experiences that Kreiss-Tomkins won’t have for another 40 years and maybe never. Knowing him since he was 11 doesn’t show me anything. I have known Bill for 64 years and admire the man he has become. I read the article below on the Internet about the new studies on brain development and this 23- year-old has a ways to go no matter what he promises. A vote for him is a vote going nowhere.

“Although the brain reaches its full adult weight by the age of 21, it continues to develop for several years. In fact, a study done by the National Institutes of Health found that the region of brain that inhibits risky behavior does not fully form until age 25. This is the final stage of brain development. It is important to keep in mind that although the brain reaches its final stage of development at age 25, learning continues throughout the life span. The neural connections of the brain continue to form, change and redirect when confronted with new experiences and ideas.”

Carol Waldo