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Summer wet, cold but not worse than May


Weather during each of the three summer months in Haines was colder and wetter than average, but none was as cold or as wet as May, according to the National Weather Service in Juneau.

June, July and August all were wetter and colder than normal, but didn’t set any monthly records, said meteorologist Geri Swanson.

July was the summer’s warmest and driest month, posting an average temperature of 56.3 degrees F. and rainfall of 1.92 inches. That compares to a normal average temperature for the month of 57.7 degrees and normal monthly rainfall of 1.55 inches.

The average high temperature for July was 61.9 degrees, with a peak temperature of 73 degrees coming on July 20 and July 26.

Daily records set in July included ones for lowest high temperatures for July 9 and July 10 (56 and 54 degrees, respectively), a record low of 45 degrees for July 12, and a total rainfall record of .82 inches for July 9.

June’s 2.19 inches of rain compared to a historic average of 1.53 inches and the average temperature for the month, 54.2, compared to an historic monthly average of 55.5 degrees. Two daily records were set in June: a record high for June 23 of 86 degrees and a record rainfall for June 8 of .47 inches.

August was the summer’s wettest month, 3.64 inches of rain, compared to the historic average of 2.78 inches. The average temperature was 55.2, down from the historic average of 56.9. Two daily records set in August for the lowest high temperatures, 57 on Aug. 9 and 58 on Aug. 10.

The month’s high temperature, 73 degrees, came Aug. 26.

May 2012 was the wettest May on record, with 5.16 inches of rain, compared to a norm of 1.75 inches. With an average temperature of 46.3, the month was the second coldest May.

Meteorologist Swanson said residents should expect continued cool and wet. September’s monthly average temperature is 50.3, with normal rainfall of 6.23 inches. Average rainfall for October is 7.98 inches. The month’s average temperature is 41.9 degrees.