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Thomas is effective, delivers for Haines


Last week Iris Holmes explained the varied nature of financial support for Kreiss-Tomkins and Thomas in their campaigns to represent District 34. Her point is that Kreiss-Tompkins draws more support from within the district, and his support comes from educators while Thomas’ comes from the oil industry.

It does not surprise me that any experienced legislator is supported by the oil industry because Alaska is financed by the oil industry. I am an idealist in many venues, but I become pragmatic when I see how things get done in the real world. Representative Thomas is an effective legislator, and because he has built unique relationships and a reputation among his peers over four terms, he serves the entire State of Alaska as the co-chair of Finance. Without Thomas as our representative, Haines would not be paving many of its streets, upgrading rural roads, would not have the current level of support for senior services, funding for Chilkoot River corridor, support for economic development, Takshanuk Watershed Council, a new gym floor or a new small boat harbor, most of which is funded by taxation of the oil industry, and not personal income.

It is a good exercise to imagine the world working differently than it does, and I encourage examining the status quo. I do not support William Thomas just because he takes good care of us, but because he too cares about the communities that we live in. He too is an honest, hard-working person who represents us well.

Debra Schnabel