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House district needs youthful optimism


When I first heard that Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins was considering a run for the state House, my knee-jerk reaction was that he was too young and too inexperienced. But when I ran down the list of what I was looking for in a representative I realized: I want someone who thinks of the long term consequences of their decisions. I want someone who represents a verifiable change in the status quo, someone who is more loyal to Alaska and our district than they are to their corporate funders. Most importantly I want someone who can break the deadlock in Juneau where both parties seem to do nothing but fight each other to a draw, session after session.

As usual, my knee-jerk reaction was wrong-headed. Jonathan is the person we need in Juneau, not despite his age but because of it. That State of Alaska needs youthful optimism, now more than ever. Jonathan is a capable, hard-working Alaskan who deserves our careful consideration, not just our first impressions. I encourage all the voters in our district to seek him out. Ask him questions. Listen to the debates, and see if you don’t agree with me that Jonathan is the right candidate at the right time. John Straley