August 30, 2012 | Volume 42, No. 35

Police report

Monday, Aug. 27

Two bear cubs were reported getting into a wood enclosure at Letnikof Estates.

A bartender who left two windows open at a downtown bar requested extra patrols.

A caller complained about construction work on Main Street at 5:45 a.m.

A caller requested help from the rescue kennel for a dog suffering from porcupine quills.

Firemen squelched a fire atop a 15-foot snag on FAA Road. The fire apparently was touched off by an ember from a small burn pile nearby.

A Lynnview Road resident reported finding a homemade smoking pipe on their property.

A Beach Road extension caller reported a car parked in their driveway. Police determined the car had been parked there mistakenly.

Police were advised that a former tenant was ordered off property on Front Street.

A Letnikof Cove caller reported about 20 gunshots at 3 p.m.

Sunday, Aug. 26

Royal Canadian Mounted Police sought information about a motorist who was speeding on their way to Haines.

A negligent driver was reported crossing the road lines.

A skateboarder was reported riding in the center of the road downtown. Police found the boarders were in a parking lot and not in the road.

A caller from out of town sought help contacting a relative who was visiting here. The relative was contacted and advised.

Saturday, Aug. 25

A pedestrian reported an open door at a downtown business. Police secured the door and advised those responsible for the building.

A downtown employee reported seeing someone moving traffic cones. Police contacted the individual and the cones were replaced.

A caller reported seeing the dumpster behind the borough public safety building overflowing, with ravens pulling trash out.

A tour business reported unauthorized vehicles in a parking lot at Port Chilkoot Dock.

A caller reported expired tags on a vehicle that was being driven around town.

An automated dialer reported a fire at the school. Police responded and found no fire and no one in the building.

Friday, Aug. 24

A 38-year-old woman was arrested for consuming alcohol in violation of her release conditions from an earlier case. She came to the attention of police when she went to the Haines jail to visit an acquaintance.

A caller reported a bear near the road at Deishu Drive.

A traffic stop resulted in a citation for no proof of insurance.

Thursday, Aug. 23

A downtown business reported a person possibly violating conditions of release. Officers were unable to locate the individual.

A caller requested a welfare check on a second party; they contacted the second and determined that person was okay.

A caller reported people arguing.

A caller complained that someone had defecated in the parking lot near Third Avuene and Dalton Street.

A caller complained that road crews left equipment obstructing the lane of traffic without signage in the downtown area; the contractor was advised.

A bicycle was found at 10 Mile Haines Highway. The owner claimed it, saying they’d stopped pedaling there due to darkness and caught a ride in a car.

A caller reported a parking violation.

A traffic stop brought a verbal warning for a broken taillight.

Wed., Aug. 22

A caller reported an assault was occurring. Police responded and arrested a woman for violating conditions of release.

A caller reported a bear had entered a neighbor’s home near Mud Bay and River roads. Police and troopers responded and cleared out the cubs, who had been attracted by dog food and had walked through an open door.

A caller reported bear cubs looking in her window on Small Tracts Road; the bear cubs left on their own.

A caller requested a welfare check on a person at the fairgrounds; an officer responded and found the person was fine.

Tuesday, Aug. 21

A caller reported gunshots from around Beach Road. An officer responded and determined the disturbance was caused by firecrackers. Individuals were warned to not set off fireworks again.

A caller reported a bear on the beach near Front and Dalton streets. An officer scared off the bear.

A caller locked out of her home on Main Street sought police help.

A caller reported iPod and CDs stolen from an unlocked car parked on Third Avenue and View Street.

A caller reported a person not following rules at Chilkoot. Troopers were notified.

Juneau police sought help with an investigation.

A caller reported an injured raven; Alaska Bald Eagle Foundation personnel responded and found the raven wasn’t injured.

A traffic stop brought a warning for driving a motorcycle without a valid license.

There were five medical calls and two calls about dogs.