Police report


Monday, Aug. 20

A person turned in a hypodermic needle that had been disposed of improperly.

A caller complained of an intoxicated pedestrian at Second Avenue and Union Street.

A caller complained of other parties trespassing and speeding on her property at Cathedral View Subdivision.

Two skateboarders were cited for skating in the lane of traffic on Mission Street.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for speeding.

Sunday, Aug. 19

Sounds like multiple shots were heard at the police station and various parts of town at 2 a.m., prompting several calls. Police found a fireworks mortar had been set off at Second Avenue and Main Street.

A caller on FAA Road reported a bear attempted to break into his smoke house.

A caller reported signs blocking the roadway in construction areas.

Traffic stops resulted in citations for failure to provide proof of insurance, failure to register and two verbal warnings for parking next to a fire hydrant, parking too close to an intersection and failing to register a vehicle.

Saturday, Aug. 18

A resident reported a bear had damaged a garage door on Young Road and returned the next day but did no further damage.

A boat was reported sunk while tied up at Letnikof Cove harbor.

A caller reported a man yelling in the downtown area. Police were unable to locate him.

A caller reported a juvenile missing. The juvenile was located at a friend’s house.

Police cited a male for skateboarding on Main Street.

Traffic stops included a verbal warning for speeding and a written warning for expired registration.

Friday, Aug. 17

A local man was arrested on a Juneau warrant. The man had failed to appear in court for commercial fishing outside boundaries. He was released on bail.

An officer used a “flash-bang” device to scare off a bear on Front Street.

A loud argument on First Avenue south at 5:30 a.m. was reported by several citizens. Police responded and told two men, both apparently intoxicated, to go home. A woman reportedly with the two men had left by the time police arrived.

Troopers were advised that a fisherman at Klukwan reported an intoxicated fisherman was inspecting the complainant’s net.

A caller reported youths partying and speeding up and down a hill at Cathedral View subdivision.

A caller requested extra patrols on his residence while away.

A person reported seeing people “stuck in the mud” near Pyramid Island. Police found no emergency situation or persons stuck in mud.

Thursday, Aug. 16

A local tavern reported a man too intoxicated to drive had left intending to drive. Police did not locate the man.

A caller reported an intoxicated man in a suicidal state walking on Haines Highway near downtown. Police located the man and placed him in protective custody for the night.

Police received a report that children in a vehicle at a gas station had tape over their mouths. Police located the vehicle at a market, spoke with the children’s father, and determined they were just playing.

A caller reported a fuel tank tipped over at a hangar. Police investigated and found an abandoned tank that had deteriorated.

A caller reported a bear in the dumpster at the Chilkoot Estates subdivision. The caller used noise to scare the bear away.

A caller reported hearing a disturbance coming from a house near Second Avenue and Lynnview Drive. Police investigated and a counselor was advised.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for defective taillights.

Wednesday, Aug. 15

A welfare check was conducted on an intoxicated man who had threatened suicide. Police contacted the man and determined he was no longer suicidal.

A caller reported a dog bit a three-year-old at the fairgrounds. The bite was not a serious one, police said.

A drunken person was arrested for driving while intoxicated and violating conditions of release after a report the person was driving at 26 Mile Haines Highway.

Tuesday, Aug. 14

Police responded to a call about a bear in a dumpster behind a restaurant at Second Avenue and Willard Street. The bear was chased off. Police said a bear there has overturned a chained dumpster and succeeded in removing food.

A caller reported no traffic control on a downtown street where road work was being done. The road crew was alerted.

A death was reported by management at Dusty Trails.

A complaint was received about chickens running loose in a neighborhood on North Sawmill Creek Road.

A fire alarm at Haines Assisted Living was determined by police to have been triggered by smoke from burnt food.

A caller reported a vehicle blocking FAA Road. Police contacted the driver, who moved it.

There were 12 medical calls, three calls about dogs and four accidental 911 calls.


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