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Thomas has public service experience


I have been a registered Republican for almost 60 years. For the first 10 years, I voted a straight Republican ticket. Afterwards, I almost always split my vote. I have voted for Democrats such as Al Kookesh, Tony Knowles, Bill Clinton and others. I did not vote for Mark Begich but probably will at the next election if there isn’t a real strong Republican candidate running against him.

As author John Sandford had one of his characters say about a presidential race, “They’re Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee, so take your pick.”  That’s how I feel about the current presidential race. (Ted Stevens once said at a fundraiser, “Don Young and I work together like Tweedle Dumb andTweedle Dee. I’m Tweedle Dee.” Be that as it may, I always vote for Don Young.)

This year, voters in this area have a choice for state representative in District  34 between a very effective incumbent with broad life experience (Bill Thomas) and a well-educated but completely inexperienced newcomer (Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins). I admire Jonathan’s zeal for public service, but he should either get some public service experience first or else run for President. (Oops, he’ll have to wait 13 years for that.)  If he can do a good job as a planning commissioner, a borough assembly member or the like for 10 years or so, I would strongly consider voting for him. Until such time, Bill Thomas gets my vote and I urge you to give him yours.

Mike Case


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