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Police target the most vulnerable


The recent article and letters to the editor about the police department’s conduct in their meth investigation has compelled me to speak out.

The department appears to target for prosecution people who are less influential and more vulnerable.

My grandson was the victim of police chief Gary Lowe’s discrimination.

He and several other juveniles vandalized a storage facility. My grandson and another youth were the only ones for which charges were referred. Officer Simon Ford told me some of the other youths were from prominent families. The charges were dropped. Jeanette Francis with Juvenile Justice told me, “There were so many juveniles involved the authorities could not determine who did what.”

A second case involved assault charges against my grandson. Chief Lowe characterized the charges as “chicken shit,” yet he referred charges and made it a point to have it reported in the Jan. 26 Chilkat Valley News. The justice system rejected the charges because the chief’s investigation was flagrantly biased. Lowe failed to interview the one credible witness, a teacher’s aide who supported my grandson’s version of events in one of the incidents included in the assault charges.

We admitted my grandson to the Miller House for treatment, but our concerns remain.

I implore parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, etc. who are aware of improprieties involving the chief to report their experiences to our elected officials responsible for the oversight of the chief and his department. No person or agency is above scrutiny.

David Kammerer

Editor’s Note: The CVN initiated the Jan. 26 news report on the assault.


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