August 16, 2012 | Volume 42, No. 33

Police report

Monday, Aug. 13

A caller complained that a bear tipped over a dumpster at a food stand near Second Avenue and Willard Street at 11:30 p.m.

In an earlier call, a person reported a bear getting into trash at the same address.

A caller complained about three skateboarders in the road by the post office, and cutting in front of traffic.

A skateboarder was cited for being in the roadway at Second Avenue and Old Haines Highway.

Sunday, Aug. 12

A Letnikof Cove resident reported a bear in the area and asked that the sighting be relayed to state Fish and Game officials.

A caller reported a vehicle off the road near a private campground at 7 Mile Lutak Road. Troopers and a park ranger stopped and found there were no injuries.

A caller requested a message be relayed to a person outside the borough.

Traffic stops included three verbal warnings for speeding, one for failing to use a turn signal, one for not stopping at a stop sign, one for no taillights and a citation for failing to show proof of insurance.

Saturday, Aug. 11

A traffic stop in downtown Haines resulted in a drunken driving arrest of a 31-year-old man.

A call for an ambulance from a downtown bar was determined to be a drunk reporting a non-emergency injury.

Police were unable to find a bear reported in a yard on Deishu Drive.

Police were unable to locate a bear that reportedly tried to enter the school then took off up Sixth Avenue.

A skateboarder reportedly ran into a moving car near the Port Chilkoot Dock.

Police were unable to locate a bear reported at Helms Loop that attempted to harm a dog, then went into the caller’s neighbor’s yard.

Police were unable to locate bears reported in the Oslund Drive neighborhood.

A caller reported a reckless driver on Main Street.

A bear at Letnikof reportedly broke down a front door. Then it went to a neighboring house, where it also tried to get in. A wildlife trooper, Fish and Game personnel and a parks officer responded but were unable to locate the bear.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for a missing headlight.

Friday, Aug. 10

A McPhetres Lane caller reported a sow and three cubs had just broken into his arctic entry and had gone to the nearby animal shelter. Police found the door at the shelter had been broken in but the bears had moved on.

Troopers were advised after a caller on Beach Road extension said a bear broke into their visqueen porch and scattered contents all over the yard.

A case was initiated regarding a probation violation.

Police were unable to locate a report of loud fireworks going off downtown.

Traffic stops included a citation for speeding, a warning for speeding and a warning for a defective headlight.

Thursday, Aug. 9

A sow with three cubs was reported at a Fort Seward business and behind Fort Seward a few minutes later. Police found the bear on Deishu Drive and scared it into the woods.

Police were unable to locate a bear reported around residences on Deishu Drive.

Troopers were notified after a boat hit several other boats at the harbor, damaging them.

A person reported that someone entered a Dalton City business without their permission. The person was given a trespass order to serve on the trespasser.

Fire officials were notified of a call that a person was burning oil in a fireplace at a downtown residence.

A Mud Bay Road resident complained about a neighbor whose smoked fish littered their property and was attracting bears. Police responded and the neighbor took care of the problem.

A caller reported an open door at the former Chilkat Cruises Dock. Police secured the door and notified owners.

Traffic stops included verbal warnings for driving without headlights and driving a four-wheeler on a borough road.

Wednesday, Aug. 8

Police were unable to locate a vehicle that a pedestrian said nearly hit him while walking on Small Tracts Road, while the driver was swerving in and out of the lane.

A Small Tracts Road resident reported a bear entered their home and that it was downstairs. When police arrived, the bear had left.

Another Small Tracts resident reported a bear on their property. The resident scared off the bear but said it was a sow with three cubs.

Troopers were advised of an overturned vehicle near 11 Mile Haines Highway.

A person volunteered to clean up litter after another person reported it in a downtown alley.

Police initiated a case after a laptop computer was reported stolen by an acquaintance at a downtown apartment.

A person reported a neighbor harassing them and shooting a BB-gun at his Fourth Avenue residence. The neighbor was warned it’s illegal to shoot an air rifle within the townsite.

A Main Street business reported two shoplifting incidents occurred during a cruise ship visit.

Tour buses were reportedly speeding near the visitor’s center, where they were dropping off passengers.

A flashing light at the harbor turned out to be a buoy and not an emergency or alarm.

Tuesday, Aug. 7

Police shot with a rubber bullet a bear reported in a dumpster near Third and Main.

Police were unable to locate a brown bear reported on Main Street.

Police helped a motorist with a disabled car on Small Tracts Road.

A slide at 16 Mile was determined to not pose a traffic hazard.

A caller reported a violation of conditions of release.

A bike was reported stolen from near the bank.

A caller residing on a spur off FAA Road reported that a bear broke into his garage.

A business at Second Avenue and Main Street reported a vinyl and plywood sign, two feet wide and six feet long, was stolen.

A tour guide reported six dead and decomposing bald eagles near the Letnikof boat launch. The wildlife trooper determined the carcasses were, in fact, those of chickens.

Firemen responded to smoke in the vicinity of Mud Bay. They found no emergency.

A minor vehicle accident was reported on West Fair Drive.

A vehicle was reported in a ditch at 11 Mile Haines Highway, after a car swerved to miss a moose. No injuries were reported.

Police were unable to locate the source of a report of three gunshots around Mud Bay Road.

There were 17 medical calls and four calls about dogs.