Port development a clean business


The Haines Port Development Council continues to bring together both government and industry. We are getting good responses from leaders in mining, natural gas and transportation in the region. All indications are that in the next few years the Haines port facilities – both public and private – could be busy.

Port activities and transportation to and from the port are clean businesses. The rules that are in place require that transportation by water, rail or road be done cleanly.

By advertising and promoting our port, we will bring business to Haines. Those businesses will, in turn, help our existing businesses and that, in turn, helps all of us.

The important thing to remember is we all need to work together so we all will be better off. Just for clarification, the Haines Port Development Council is not a business or a government entity. We are just a group of concerned residents trying to improve the Haines economy.

Bill Kurz


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