August 9, 2012 | Volume XLII Number 32


This week’s story about a high, per-capita income in Haines left us in the newsroom scratching our heads.

If federal statisticians are correct, there’s a lot of money in some pockets around town.

Yet despite our reported riches, many residents still struggle. Our median, family income is still below the national average. The State of Alaska’s community database this week reported 118 residents live below the poverty level. Sales tax revenues are flat or in decline. Home building and real estate, which helped boost the economy here for about 15 years, have cooled.

If they serve no other purpose, the per-capita figures reported this week may be helpful to broad-based philanthropic efforts like the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation. Its mission includes making matches between needs and money. We apparently have both. Here’s to getting them together.

--Tom Morphet