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Police report


Monday, Aug. 6

An officer responded to numerous calls about a bear on the beach near the harbor.

Vehicles were removed after a person called to complain about overtime parking on Main Street.

Police and paramedics responded to a collision between a car and motorcycle at the intersection of Young Road and Second Avenue. There were no injuries and the car driver was cited for making an improper turn.

A caller complained about an abandoned vehicle near 4 Mile Haines Highway.

A caller complained about harassment from a landlord, saying she didn’t want to be called every day.

An officer responded to a call about a bear entering a porch at 1 Mile Haines Highway but didn’t find the bear.

An officer chased off a bear after a complaint from a Port Chilkoot campground.

Sunday, Aug. 5

Police responded to a call about a brown bear sow and three cubs at a Kathleen Drive residence.

An officer chased off a brown bear sow that was spotted with three cubs on Mud Bay Road behind Fort Seward.

A caller reported a bear with three cubs damaged a garage on Gruening Drive.

Troopers were advised that drugs were reported stolen from a Klukwan-area home.

A fire alarm was triggered by cooking at Haines Assisted Living.

A dog was reportedly attacked by another dog on Small Tracts Road.

Emergency crews responded to a call that a woman was yelling for help at Port Chilkoot Dock, but found no one there.

The American Bald Eagle Foundation was notified about a crow on Lutak Road unable to fly.

A registered sex offender was reportedly contacting a juvenile online.

Two traffic stops resulted in warnings for failure to stop at a stop sign and speeding.

Saturday, Aug. 4

Responding to an employee request, police scared off a bear at the dump, using lights and sirens.

A person at a Klukwan-area home reported harassment.

A person reported juveniles trespassing near 2 Mile Haines Highway, and believed drug use was occurring there.

Skateboarders were reported “flying down” Main Street hill toward the harbor.

A bear was reported at Small Tracts area.

A housesitter reported a dog wasn’t being cared for. Kennel officials took the dog.

A caller said a bear made off with a Deishu Drive trash can. Police didn’t find the bear.

Friday, Aug. 3

Police responded after several callers complained of loud music from a house party in Cathedral View subdivision.

Police shot a rubber bullet at a bear near Young Road.

A minor motorcycle accident occurred near Mathias Street and Young Road.

Police arrested a man for violating his conditions of release by drinking.

Police investigated a report of harassment of a downtown business employee by a former worker.

A caller reported someone dumping their trash into a campground’s private dumpster.

A caller reported a drunk threatened them.

A downtown business reported a bicycle left in their lot.

A dump employee reported a bear destroyed a garage door there.

Thursday, Aug. 2

A man who yelled for help downtown was determined to be drunk and at the wrong campground. Police drove him to the correct campsite.

A bear was reported in a Main Street RV park.

A caller reported a sow and three cubs in a yard near New Hart and Mount Riley Road.

A Beach Road caller reported a bear breaking into a Beach Road freezer.

A Beach Road caller reported having put bear deterrents near his property and that he would shoot the bear if it returned.

A car went into a ditch while backing onto Mud Bay Road along Cemetery Hill.

The kennel responded to a call of a dog biting its owner downtown.

A dump employee reported extensive damage by a bear.

The ministerial association helped an out-of-town visitor with travel and lodging.

Wednesday, Aug. 1

A pedestrian reported a driver who failed to use their turn signal almost hit him near Third Avenue and Old Haines Highway.

A bear was reported attempting to get into a shed on Chilkat Trail Road.

A male was arrested for drunk driving near Union Street and Allen Road after crossing the center line.

Children who were attempting to sell flowers and lemonade were shooed off Port Chilkoot Dock.

A caller sought dispatch help concerning a civil matter involving a child. A state agency was advised.

Troopers were alerted to a call about a bear breaking into a Young Road garage.

A caller reported a person threatened a child with violence. Police and a state agency started an investigation.

A caller reported a sow with three cubs broke a garage door at 1 Mile Mud Bay Road.

Tuesday, July 31

Bears were reported in Chilkoot Subdivision.

An illegal burn was reported near Fort Seward. Police determined the fire was approved.

A bicycle was reported stolen at Dusty Trails Apartments.

A Beach Road resident erected an electric fence after a bear broke into a freezer.

A bear reportedly tore a screen off a window on Beach Road.

There were 12 medical calls and five calls about dogs.