Police Blotter


Monday, July 30

Police issued a warning to a person who walked through wet cement at Fourth Avenue and Union Street.

A strong smell of marijuana was reported near 1 Mile Haines Highway.

A caller complained that church flyers left on cars resulted in litter at the fairgrounds.

Sunday, July 29

A caller reported being groped while at a bar. Police started an investigation.

Four intoxicated people were reportedly swimming nude at the Port Chilkoot Dock beach at 9:30 p.m. Police investigated and advised individuals of decency laws and drinking in public. They also made individuals dump containers of alcohol.

A person sought help moving heavy equipment terminal that had no lights from the ferry.

A Haines man was arrested at a downtown bar for disorderly conduct.

Troopers were advised of a call from out of town seeking help with an intoxicated relative here.

A longboard was reported stolen in the Fort Seward area.

Police responded after a vehicle reported backing into another one on Main Street.

A bicycle was reported stolen from a Fort Seward business.

Saturday, July 28

A caller requested police arrest a person who was in violation of conditions. Police investigated and made the arrest.

Underage drinkers were reported at a residence. Police who investigated reported everything was fine.

Police arrested a Haines man at a downtown bar for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Police were unable to locate the reported sound of a gunshot at Second Avenue and Main Street.

A bicycle reported stolen was turned in at the police station and returned to its owner.

A plywood sign was reportedly stolen from a Piedad Road storage shed.

Police responded to help with traffic flow at the fairgrounds.

A lost backpack turned in to police was later claimed.

Police who saw a bear at the post office heading toward campers in Tlingit Park shot it with beanbag rounds and steered it toward Lutak Inlet.

Friday, July 27

Dispatch received a 911 call from a drunk who could only say that he was on Main Street and had been beaten up. Officers searched the area and couldn’t find the man and calls to his phone were rejected.

A caller reported a bicycle stolen from the fairgrounds .

A caller reported a black bear on West Fair Drive.

Two people reported that they helped a third individual who was drunk and unconscious by placing him by the side of the road. Police did not locate any of the individuals.

A caller reported a possible drunk driver; officers located the person, who was not driving and had turned his car keys over to a second party.

Police responded to a call about fireworks and public drinking in the townsite.

Police help was requested for men who were loud and threatening and had been drinking near the public library. Police cited the men for public consumption of alcohol.

Dispatch received a call for assistance from the relative of a person who lived in another town. Police contacted police in the other town.

A person reported firewood he was selling was taken and not paid for. An officer located the firewood taker, who returned and paid for it.

Three traffic stops resulted in warnings for excess speed, and failure to stop at a stop sign.

Thursday, July 26

A woman called seeking help with a man who was drunk on Mud Bay Road and would not leave her residence. A responding officer took the man into protective custody and arrested the woman for violating conditions of release.

In two, separate incidents, a caller reported possible drunk drivers near Deishu Drive. Police contacted the drivers and determined neither was drunk.

A caller sought help with a civil complaint against a second party.

A caller reported a riding mower worth $1,500 had been stolen from the school grounds.

Troopers were advised of a report of a boat being driven recklessly.

The harbormaster sought assistance following an assault. Troopers and other law enforcement responded.

One traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Wednesday, July 25

A caller reported a bear between a bar at the harbor and an RV park there.

A complainant reported a fight with another person that was a violation of a restraining order.

A caller reported windows had been broken on two cars stored on private property off Major Road.

A caller reported bears repeatedly on their property near the intersection of Second Avenue and Lutak Road; the caller planned to borrow bear deterrents from Fish and Game.

An officer noticed trash strewn about the harbor area, possibly by wildlife. The business responsible responded to clean up the trash.

Tuesday, July 24

A caller reported a bear near First Avenue North; an officer responded but did not find it.

Tourists and dogs were reported too close to bears at Chilkoot Lake. Troopers advised and an officer responded.

An officer responded to a complaint of harassment.

Police received a report of a vehicle being driven with expired plates and another vehicle being driven recklessly.

A caller complained about a sandwich-board sign blocking pedestrians on Portage Street.

A contractor reported further vandalism to heavy equipment at Chilkoot subdivision, including survey stakes pushed into openings on the machine.

Four traffic stops resulted in four warnings for no taillights on a trailer, excessive speed and expired registration.

There were 26 medical calls and three calls about dogs.


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