July 19, 2012 | Volume 42, No. 29

Police Blotter

Monday, July 16

A motorcycle was reported in a ditch at 17.5 Mile and had been there since July 13. Troopers were notified.

A bear was reported close to a horse at Letnikof Cove. Police contacted the keeper of the horse, who checked on it.

A complaint was reported about a fire giving off black smoke downtown. Police found the person burning the fire and told them to get a burn permit.

A dog was reported at large at the harbor. An officer responded and found the dog tied up.

A caller reported a possible phone scam in which they’d received a phone call telling them they’d won the Publishers’ Clearinghouse Give-away and had won $1.5 million and a Mercedes. The caller had been instructed to call a number to claim their prize.

State troopers were advised of a call about a bear in a campsite at Chilkoot.

A disoriented person was reported downtown. Police made contact and determined the person was fine.

Dispatch called the owner of a car reported blocking construction work.

Sunday, July 15

One rider in a group of motorcycles skidded off the roadway near 1 Mile Small Tracts Road. Another rider, who gave the injured rider a lift to the medical clinic, reported the incident.

Saturday, July 14

Police received a call about noise at a west side trailer. Police responded and told people there to stop shooting off fireworks.

After receiving several complaints, police issued a verbal warning to a west side resident shooting off firecrackers.

A caller requested extra patrols near the pool after a confrontation there.

Two traffic stops resulted in verbal warnings for no rear license plate, a taillight violation and headlight violation.

A walk-in turned in a driver’s license found in Tlingit Park.

A caller sought police assistance at 1:30 a.m. when someone was blocking their access to harbor floats. Police resolved the situation.

Friday, July 13

Four traffic stops resulted in verbal warnings for taillight violations and excessive speed.

A caller reported a missing juvenile. The youth was at the fairgrounds and had forgotten to phone home.

Dispatch received an accidental 911 call.

An intoxicated man called from a local bar, saying he was being harassed. A dispatcher talked to a bartender who said the man wasn’t being harassed.

Thursday, July 12

A caller reported that a person had grabbed a dog on the beach near the cruise ship dock and dragged it to their vehicle.

Two traffic stops resulted in verbal warnings for no plate on a trailer and a headlight violation.

A caller advised police that a person who rented their truck to another party was driving the truck around, but the other party’s tools were still inside it.

A caller reported a bear attempting to break into a locked dumpster in the Chilkoot subdivision.

Wednesday, July 11

A business reported an employee made unauthorized transactions on customer credit cards and had pocketed the cash. An investigation was started.

A caller accidentally dialed 911.

An intoxicated man was found to be in violation of conditions of release at another person’s residence and was jailed.

A brown bear was reported getting into a neighbor’s shed and eating something near FAA Road. The bear went into the woods after an officer responded and shot the bear with a bean-bag round. The owner of the shed was verbally warned about a bear attractant.

A caller reported a vehicle speeding on Main Street.

A caller reported a fire at the fairgrounds. Fire personnel determined it was a controlled burn.

A bear was reported sitting on a porch at a Matrix Road residence. The caller was advised to leave the bear alone and call back if it caused any damage.

A caller reported a relative on a motorcycle was overdue. The relative arrived during the call.

Tuesday, July 10

Police determined that a domestic dispute on Small Tracts Road was only an argument.

A downtown business requested extra patrols in the early evening due to an unruly person. Police determined it was a domestic dispute.

Two 911 calls were determined to be accidental.

An off-duty officer reported a loud, gunshot-type noise near Fort Seward. A responding officer was unable to locate the source of the noise.

A motor home was reported parked illegally at the Port Chilkoot Dock.

A bear was reported on a person’s driveway in the vicinity of West Fair Drive and had gotten into a grill there. The person reported their dog scared off the bear a short distance. The caller then used noisemakers to shoo it away, but the bear didn’t leave quickly, the caller said. The caller brought the grill into a garage.

A bicycle was reported stolen from near the apartments at Third Avenue and Main Street.

There were 20 medical calls and two calls about dogs.