July 12, 2012 | Volume 42, No. 28

Police Blotter

Monday, July 9

An out-of-town caller requested a message be relayed to a resident.

A construction worker reported a bear was in the area of Sixth Avenue.

An officer helped a person retrieve medication.

A bear reportedly damaged buckets and a kiddie pool near 1 Mile Lutak Road.

A caller reported a slow-moving vehicle driving across the center line in the Fort Seward area. An officer was able to make contact with a driver and found everything was fine.

A complaint of a vehicle spinning out at a parking lot at Dusty Trails resulted in a verbal warning for excessive acceleration.

A park owner reported a Canadian vehicle was suspicious and its driver didn’t have money for services.

Sunday, July 8

A caller reported a bicycle stolen; the caller later reported the bike had been picked up by a relative.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for a headlight violation.

A caller reported a car with expired tags.

A caller reported a bear in the vicinity of 2.5 Mile Lutak Road.

Saturday, July 7

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for taillight violations.

A caller requested assistance in cleaning up trash scattered by a bear near Mathias Avenue and Young Road.

A caller reported bears in her yard near Young Road.

A caller who sought police help picking up her children on Haines Highway was referred to state troopers.

A caller reported a bear scattering trash on Barnett Drive.

Friday, July 6

A state parks ranger issued a citation on Haines Highway for failure to carry proof of insurance.

A 17-year-old male was cited for misconduct involving marijuana.

A caller requested advice.

A caller who had previously reported a firearm missing from a vehicle called to say the gun had been returned to them.

A caller reported a verbal altercation with a person at the Fourth of July music festival.

A caller requested a message be taken to a person with a restraining order; dispatch refused, as it would violate terms of the order.

A business asked for help with a car left in a parking lot off Main Street.

A small, live-animal trap was reported lost at the parade grounds.

A caller reported vehicles speeding through the Main Street construction zone.

A caller reported a bear damaged an unoccupied travel trailer near 3 Mile Haines Highway.

Thursday, July 5

A local business reported a fence was removed and garbage was left on property at 1 Mile Haines Highway.

A borough employee reported toilet paper and paper towels have been stolen from a Fort Seward public restroom on an ongoing basis and the dispensers had been vandalized.

A resident reported a bear had attacked and dented a dumpster on Mud Bay Road near Cemetery Hill. The resident said the bear has lingered in the area after attempts were made to scare it off.

Suspected child abuse was reported.

A drunk driver was caught in the parking lot of a downtown business and arrested.

A resident reported juveniles were apparently smoking marijuana in woods off Main Street. Police were unable to find the youths.

Wednesday, July 4

A citizen requested to speak to an officer regarding illegal drug activity.

A complaint was made about a person walking their dog on a leash and letting it walk on the highway, creating a hazard.

People in a vehicle at 2 Mile Haines Highway were reportedly setting off fireworks while driving. Police did not locate the vehicle.

A caller who reported their purse and camera stolen from a downtown bar called back to say they’d been misplaced.

Complaints about fireworks were received from Cathedral View subdivision and from Fort Seward.

A caller reported youths on skateboards at Port Chilkoot Dock were being towed behind a truck. Police spoke to the youths.

An officer helped a person regarding an alcohol problem with a family member.

Tuesday, July 3

A caller reported their window was broken through with a BB. A window was broken similarly on Highland Drive the same day.

A suspicious person, who may have mental problems, was reported in town.

A parent provided police with a photo of a juvenile who ran away while living in Juneau.

A truck with its high beams on was reported.

The library sought help with a person in the entranceway acting strangely.

A caller reported a person at their Small Tracts Road residence acting very strange. Officers asked Lynn Canal Counseling to evaluate the person and the agency determined there was no immediate danger to the person.

A person was cited for shooting a pellet rifle.

A traffic stop resulted in a driver being cited for minor in possession of alcohol.

There were 16 medical calls and six calls about dogs.

Police this week advised residents to watch for traffic stops for the next few weeks. The stops are part of training for two new officers and a state park ranger.