Chilkoot, Chilkat spill over


High water led Fish and Game to pull pickets from Chilkoot weir to prevent the fish dam from washing away during last weekend's high water flows. Ron Horn photo.

Temperatures that climbed toward 90 F. during the weekend following weeks of cool weather raised local rivers to flood levels early this week.

The high water is attributed to a heavy snowpack at higher elevations that didn’t melt, as is typical during warmer springs.

Fisheries biologists stopped fish wheels on the Chilkat River and pulled them close to shore to avoid damaging, river-borne debris. At Chilkoot River, pickets were pulled to keep the weir from being washed downriver, a situation typical of fall weather.

Flooding along the Chilkat River near Wells Bridge swamped the River Adventures visitor area, cancelling tours there through press time Wednesday.

Saturday’s temperature of 86 at the Haines airport tops the previous record of 84 degrees set in 1997.

Organizers of the annual Mad Raft Race, set for 3 p.m. Sunday, said this week they may have to cancel the event.


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