Push on for a big Fourth of July parade


Organizers are hoping to drum up a rousing Fourth of July parade in Haines, as the holiday coincides with the weekly docking of the 1,440-passenger cruise ship Zaandam.

Sue Waterhouse has been going door-to-door to businesses, recruiting for floats. She said three have already stepped up. “We want to show our visitors that we do the Fourth of July right,” Waterhouse said. “Let’s have a really good parade.”

One of the plans is to line Main Street with U.S. flags. Bob Lix of the American Legion is seeking donations of $500 or more for 20 or 25 flags, Waterhouse said. “It’s going to be an investment for future years’ parades.” They’re also hoping to provide small flags for visitors to wave.

To contact Lix, call 766-2955. Waterhouse can be reached at 314-0099.


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