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Police Blotter


Monday, June 18

A person was taken into protective custody and transported to Juneau to receive help.

A caller reported RVs parked illegally on Beach Road.

Two 911 calls were made in error.

Sunday, June 17

A downtown tavern requested help removing patrons barred from entering. An officer found the individuals at a different location and they agreed to go home.

A drunk person dialed 911 to get directions to a campground.

Police relocated a person after a domestic fight in a home.

An officer advised a person who violated a domestic order that they’d be arrested if it happened again.

A caller was concerned that a large burn on Dalton Street was approaching their propane tank. Police determined the fire wasn’t a danger.

A dog with a broken leg was reported at Chilkoot Lake. The state park ranger and the rescue kennel were notified and the dog was located.

Three traffic stops resulted in a speeding ticket and warnings for speed and a taillight violation.

Saturday, June 16

A reported hit-and-run at a downtown business was determined to have been someone backing up a trailer.

A case was initiated after a caller reported their tires had been slashed.

Five traffic stops resulted in warnings for driving without headlights and taillight violations, for failure to provide proof of insurance and failing to stop at a stop sign. A citation was issued for failing to stop at a stop sign.

Officers helped secure a borough building.

Friday, June 15

A caller reported a bicycle was left on their property.

A helicopter was reported flying over a house at 3 Mile Haines Highway. A dispatcher provided information for contacting the FAA.

A large pothole on Main Street was reported to state road crews.

A caller seeking to retrieve personal items from another person’s car was advised to seek modification of a protective order.

A caller received a fraudulent phone call, using the name of their son.

An officer was unable to locate a suspicious vehicle reportedly pulling a boat on a trailer that had no tires.

Two traffic stops resulted in a warning and citations for speed and failure to show proof of insurance.

The harbormaster was notified of a call about a boat on a single line at Letnikof in danger of taking on water.

Officers patrolled FAA Road after two calls about possible gunshots there.

Thursday, June 14

A youth who had been reported missing was located.

A resident in the Fort Seward vicinity reported dogs harassing a bear in their yard. The bear left before officers responded.

A Young Road resident reported a moose with two calves in their yard eating the landscape. An officer found the moose moving to a different location.

Wednesday, June 13

A View Street caller reported a cow moose and two calves in a yard. A message was left for the wildlife trooper.

A borough employee reported screens were torn out of windows at the Port Chilkoot Dock restroom.

A resident sought police escort to obtain property granted them in a court order.

An Allen Road resident reported a bear had damaged their truck bed cover.

A caller requested a welfare check on a person who’d missed an appointment. Police found the person in good health.

A person became upset after their boat was impounded.

A caller reported seeing a wolf jump into a tree to kill a raven in the area of First Avenue North.

A caller reported on a suspicious person who claimed to have designed the logo on their jacket. Officers contacted the person.

A caller reported a possibly drunk driver near Third Avenue. Police responded and found the reported vehicle parked at a residence.

The park ranger responded to a call that bears were being shot at Chilkoot Lake. The ranger found people setting off bear-dispersant firecrackers and advised them only if bears posed a threat.

An officer contacted the power company about a tree leaning on a power pole near Mount Riley Road.

Police responded to a call about a speeding truck on Union Street but didn’t locate the vehicle.

Tuesday, June 12

An accidental 911 call was received.

A Lynnview Drive caller dialed 911 when a person entered their home, then discovered the intruder was someone they knew.

A caller seeking assistance reported capturing an injured owl at 1 Mile Haines Highway and putting it in a box. The American Bald Eagle Foundation responded.

A caller reported a trespasser staying in the closed Thunderbird Motel and sought more police patrols.

A downtown business reported a person who appeared to be confused and needing help but police were unable to locate the person.

A caller seeking speed signs on First Avenue was referred to public works.

A 911 caller sought a counselor.

There were 13 medical calls and five calls about dogs.