Police Blotter


Monday, June 11

An out-of-state caller was trying to locate a family member who was having trouble using their credit card for lodging.

A welfare check was requested on a couple who were expected to return to Haines. It was determined they had left the state.

Police helped a caller seeking assistance completing court paperwork.

A woman driver was taken to the clinic after a single-vehicle rollover near the Chilkoot River bridge.

A caller reported a large U-Haul blocking their view of traffic at Third Avenue and Old Haines Highway. The vehicle was moved.

Two traffic stops resulted in a verbal warning for exceeding the posted speed and a signal violation.

Sunday, June 10

A caller reported a dead animal resembling a dog or coyote in the road at 4 Mile Haines Highway.

A call about phone threats received outside the townsite was referred to state troopers.

A caller reported a moose with two calves was in their backyard near Front Street. An officer who responded advised the moose had moved to a wooded area and appeared to be bedded down for the evening.

Saturday, June 9

A caller complained that people stopping to photograph bear cubs at 2 Mile Lutak Road were creating a traffic hazard.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for excessive speed.

Friday, June 8

A caller reported hearing shots in the area of Young Road. Officers investigated and found nothing out of the ordinary.

A caller reported finding binoculars at 5 Mile Lutak Road.

A caller reported a black and yellow mountain bike stolen outside a local bar.

A cell phone was lost in the Mud Bay area.

A caller reported a fraudulent phone call in which a person claiming to be an attorney for a loan company demanded a $500 payment for a non-existent loan.

A caller reported vandalism to a new sign near Tlingit Park.

Two traffic stops resulted in a verbal warning for a non-functioning headlight and for non-functioning brake lights.

Thursday, June 7

A blue Canon camera was reported lost near Chilkoot River bridge.

An out-of-state relative was trying to locate a family member regarding an emergency. The person was located and the message relayed.

Loose chickens were reported off Piedad Road. Police found the owner rounding them up.

A motorcycle was reported partially in the roadway near Mile 0 Old Haines Highway, with the rider standing in the middle of the road. When contacted, the driver became confrontational and drove off.

A 911 hang-up call was traced to a courtesy phone at the ferry terminal. Police responded but didn’t find the caller.

An intoxicated person having difficulty walking was reported downtown. An officer was unable to find the person.

Police returned a 911 call to a Whitehorse, Y.T. phone number, but were unable to reach anyone.

A caller reported loud music from a Beach Road business. An officer advised people there to turn the music down.

A 911 hang-up call returned to an international number.

Wednesday, June 6

A power outage triggered repeated 911 calls from a business.

Troopers were advised of a call about a brown bear sow with an injured paw near 23 Mile Haines Highway. The sow was with cubs.

An officer located a person who was subject of a welfare check and told them to contact their concerned relative.

An unruly dog owner was upset with his dog being impounded at the rescue kennel. An officer talked to the owner, who agreed to get a proper borough license.

A business owner downtown on Main Street reported the theft of a hanging plant from the front of their business.

A 911 hang-up call was determined to be an attempted international call.

An unsecure door was reported at a downtown business. The door was secured.

A caller reported a speeding motorcycle on Main Street.

Tuesday, June 5

Police received a call that a cell phone was found.

A caller sought police advice on getting a protective order.

There were eight medical calls and one call about dogs.


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