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Monday, May 28

A caller reported a reckless driver in the Fort Seward area. An officer gave the motorist a warning.

Two callers reported a bear on Lutak Road, outside the townsite. Two other callers reported a bear near Dolphin Street. An officer responded, and the bear went into the woods.

Sunday, May 27

Two women and one man, all of Haines, were arrested for drunken driving and driving without a valid license. Another traffic stop resulted in a warning for negligent driving.

A caller reported traffic and cyclists stopped on Lutak Road close to a bear.

Saturday, May 26

A caller reported a group violating open container laws downtown. An officer responded and said no violations were observed.

A drunken male requested a ride to 26 Mile Haines Highway, and dispatch called a taxi for him.

A caller requested information on bear activity in town before taking a dog for a walk.

A caller reported a parking violation at Port Chilkoot Dock after a vehicle was parked in an area reserved for tour companies. An officer responded, and the vehicle was moved.

A caller reported a black rabbit on his property and was referred to the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel.

Six traffic stops resulted in three warnings for speeding, and warnings for a headlight violation, excessive speed, and failure to come to a complete stop.

Friday, May 25

A Haines man was arrested and charged with drunken driving after a one-vehicle accident at 12 Mile Haines Highway.

Two traffic stops resulted in warnings for speeding and failure to come to a complete stop.

A person requested extra patrols in the Fort Seward area because the campgrounds were very full.

An officer saw a large campfire directly beneath the Port Chilkoot Dock. The officer assisted campers with dousing the fire and warned them not to build one under the dock again.

A caller reported campers in Tlingit Park consuming alcohol. An officer responded and did not find any campers consuming alcohol.

A business reported a personal vehicle parked overnight in their downtown lot and requested the registered owner of the vehicle be contacted to move it.

An officer advised a caller regarding compliance with a restraining order.

A caller reported a brown bear on her property at 3 Mile Haines Highway.

A caller reported two bears and a moose on her property and said one of the bears chased the moose in the direction of Small Tracts Road.

A caller reported bags of garbage out in a downtown parking lot. A person was informed and disposed of the garbage.

Thursday, May 24

A caller reported receiving harassing text messages and was advised to contact the phone company to have their number blocked.

A caller reported smelling marijuana smoke at the skate park, which was occupied by several juveniles. An officer responded and did not locate any marijuana.

A caller reported their child wandered off from a downtown dock and was now missing. The child was quickly located and reunited with its mother.

A caller reported an unlicensed motorist driving a vehicle. Officers responded to the area of Fourth Avenue and found the vehicle parked and unoccupied.

A caller reported a possible drunken driver in the area of Small Tracts Road. Officers responded and did not locate the vehicle.

Wednesday, May 23

A caller reported heavy white, acrid smoke coming from a burn barrel on Fourth Avenue.

A person was warned to get a permit.

A motorist was warned for driving recklessly on Front Street.

A caller requested extra patrols on Mount Riley Road because unknown people were dumping junk metals on their lot without permission.

A caller reported a brown bear in the area of the Latter-day Saints church on Mud Bay Road. Residents were advised, and the bear was not aggressive.

A caller reported a large fire with black smoke on Letnikof Cove near the cannery. The fire was found to be tended by a lot owner.

Tuesday, May 22

A traffic stop on Third Avenue resulted in a warning for towing a boat trailer without lights.

A Main Street business was reported to be unlocked after hours. An officer found an authorized person inside the building.

A vehicle was reported parked on Main Street beyond a one-hour limit.

A person reported a male shooting a gun at Picture Point. An officer responded and did not locate any shooter.

Fire personnel investigated an unauthorized burn on Tower Road. A person was warned to get a permit.

A caller reported a drunken male visitor who was missing and possibly lost in a swampy area near Allen Road. The man returned to his motel hours later.

There were 17 medical calls and three calls about dogs.The Haines Borough Police Department can be reached at 766-2121.


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