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Pahl's latest: A hammerin' machine


Dave Pahl cranks the wheel on a hammer contraption he built from scrap metal and old machine parts last year in front of his Hammer Museum on Main Street. The wheel turns gears attached to axles that simultaneously lift and drop the sledge hammer at left, and a chisel hammer at right, while a chain drive at the base of the contraption moves two steel men who take turns hammering on an anvil. Recycled parts include pieces of old railroad track, gears Pahl brought here from Seward, 10-inch well tubes and a HAMRDWN license plate found on eBay. A longtime upper valley resident, Pahl said the piece of kinetic art is part tribute to Haines Highway pioneers and handymen like Dave Woodring and Vince Jennings. “Back in the day, up the highway we were all collectors. You never knew when a little piece of scrap would save you a trip to town.” Pahl fashioned the figures at the base in the likeness of local welder and metal worker Gene Kennedy. The giant anvil at left he shaped from timbers. Tom Morphet photo.


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