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Elks Lodge closing should be a reminder


May 19th was a sad day for Haines.

The Elks Lodge asset sale May 19th experienced a large public turnout which was certainly appreciated, but now only a “shell” remains!

A final chapter in our longtime Elks Lodge life, which contributed much to our community over the years. It was a strong supporter of local organizations, friends, families and our community’s youth. I will miss watching as whole families attended various events, the laughter and camaraderie of friends greeting friends!

Only memories are left and another “empty” building added to our town! Once a vibrant organization and community social center contributing to our town’s well-being is now gone!

It will stand as a reminder to others that more than just a handful of dedicated members are required to keep an organization healthy. Sad, as it really did not have to happen this way! But it happened when not enough members were willing to “stand up” to keep it alive!

Joe Poor